we value the safe and responsible handling and use of firearms.

Range Rules
• STC MUST have a signed waiver on file (annually) for each shooter.
• Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times near any shooting area.
• All actions must be kept open unless on the firing line and the range is hot.
• No loaded firearms behind the firing line or while people are down range.
• All firearms must be pointed in a safe direction at ALL TIMES when transporting them between shooting stations.
• Shooters may only shoot from designated shooting stations.
• Shot size larger than 7 ½ is not permitted.
• The maximum load equivalent is no heavier that 3 dram 1 1/8 oz.
• No more than 2 shells may be loaded at any time.
• Shots may only be fired from a shouldered firearm.
• Be courteous and aware of shooters around you and on other ranges.
• Notify your RSO or range staff of any unsafe firearm handling or behavior.
• If you have any questions or are unclear about any safety procedures, please speak with range staff prior to handling any firearm.
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